The 4 A's Labrador Retriever Kennel of Colorado's Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What does the first vet visit entale? 
A: Every puppy will visit the vet the day they turn 8 weeks old, at this visit they will receive: 
      1. A full physical in which our vet will create a physical report card for each puppy that we will give to the new puppy parent.
      2. They will get dewormed
      3. They will get their first set of puppy shots. 

Q: Are the puppies on a feeding schedule?
A: Yes, we feed our puppies around 8:00, 12:00, 4:00, and 8:00. 

Q: How much do you feed them during a feeding?
A: About a half cup each, but really I feed them until their little bellies  are content and they walk away from the food dish, then I remove the dish until it is time for the next feed.  The dog food will give instructions on how much to feed the puppy by its weight. 

Q: What type of dog food do you feed them?
A: Our vet recommends Pure Balance Pro+, there are pictures of the wet and dry dog food we use in the pictures section. 

Q: What made you want to become a dog breeder?
A: I (Koreen) have ALWAYS loved dogs and breeding has always interested me. I have always been a HUGE sucker for puppies an what better way to get to play with them then to have your own?! It is like, being the grandma and getting to play with the cutest little creatures God has created and then I get to bless and release good, beautiful little bundles of pure joy to families who are looking for healthy fur babies to call their own. It is ALOT of work cleaning the kennels 3x a day and training and loving each and every puppy we ar blessed to have.....BUT when week 8 comes and my little fur babies get to go to their new home and bless a family.......really the excitement and tears of joy and just the happiness these little bundles of joy bring.....makes all the sleepless nights helping our mama, and changing poo poo potty pads and changing and cleaning the play pen three times a day 200% worth it. I GET to teach my kids how to be little blessings by loving and playing with puppies they then get to hand off to a new family. Now that I wrote you a book in this answer lol, I hope you can see our heart in why breeding has changed our lives forever and why we love to do it. 

Q: How do you come up with the names for each puppy?
A: We let our kiddo's name them, thus why we have had a Mt. Dew, Elsa, Mario and Princess Peach in our kennel :o) It has actually become a game of ours and whoever guessing the correct number in the litter gets to pick the fast puppy to name!

Q: Do you call the puppies by the mane they are listed under?
A: NO, when we are training them we simply say YES! good girl, or YES! good boy,  or YES! good job sweet baby. We name them to be able to tell them apart and make sure each goes to the right home and it also helps up keep track of their training. In fact, if you want us to start training your puppy under the name you have chosen for it we would be happy to do that for you. 

Q: How can I pay?
A: We have several options for you to choose from:
   1. Good old fashion CASH if you come to visit the puppy before you put a downpayment on it, is our preferable method.
   2. A certified check made out to Aaron Chandler (sorry no personal checks anymore)
   3. FB Messenger
   4. Apple Pay
   5. Paypal
   6. We do have a secure payment processor with Stripe attached to our website set up individually for each puppy.

Q: Can I take my puppy home before they turn 8 weeks old?
A: No, we want to make sure every puppy is in the most optimal health possible before they leave us, so for us to get the green light full health check up from our Vet is important for us before we say our goodbyes. 

Q: What happens if I pay a deposit and the puppy does not pass its first health check up from the Vet?
A: We will be upfront about the health report and refund the deposit in the situation.

Q: Is it possible to visit the puppies before I make a deposit?
A: Absolutely, we wait until the puppies turn 5 weeks old before we start introducing them to people to give their little immune systems time to get stronger, and as long as you are in good health you are more then welcome to come out to our kennel and meet them. 

Q; What type of training do you do with the puppies?
A: We follow the training laid out in the book, "Zak George's Dog Training Revelation" that correlates with Youtube videos he goes even further on in how to train a dog. The training is a bonding based training verses a dominance type training. Our training schedule looks like this:
     WEEK 1-2 We are with our mama from the time contractions start thru delivery, we have the whelping bed right in our bedroom by our bed so we can help mama out with feeding and cleaning and generally anything we feel like mama needs help with. We do handle the puppies from day 1 to let them get use to human cuddles and loves. By the end of week 2 generally all the puppies have their eyes open and are working on walking instead of scooting around, at this time (when they start walking) we fit them to collars and name them so we can start tracking their training. 
     WEEK 3 This week we really lay on the cuddles, they are generally walking by now and we transition them from the whelping bed to a large play puppy pen. During this week we focus on bonding and getting the puppies to learn that when we come to the gate it means they are about to get spoiled with cuddles and loves. We introduce toys towards the end of week 3. 

     WEEK 4: We make sure each puppy gets at least one 5-10 minuses daily one on one training/play time, but some days we may get two sessions in or the sessions go longer, it just depends on the attention span of the puppy at the time of our one on one play time. In this week we have bonded well enough with the puppies that we move onto introducing a clicker and treats (treats consist of a piece of boiled chicken about the size of a grain of rice). This process generally only takes a few sessions for them to understand, "hey, when that noise goes off I get something yummy!" When they get that we then move onto teaching them to "Look at me." Look at me, is the process where you have the dogs attention and you can hold their gaze, you then have them follow your finger to direct them to whatever you are wanting them to do. After "Look at me" we then move onto "Leave It" and then "Leave it and Look at me" at the same time. "Leave it" is pretty much self explanatory, but it is important for our dogs to learn to leave things alone when we tell them to leave it whether it be we tell them to leave a squirrel alone and they listen instead of running off to chase it, or telling them to leave a piece of chocolate alone that fell on the ground that they know and listen to you and LEAVE whatever it is alone as you requested. "Leave it," is by far one of the most important and fundamental things we can teach our fur babies to keep them safe. Generally, the little ones have these concepts down by the end of week 4 or beginning of week 5, although not perfectly by any means, but a very well good start. We also start introducing them to going potty outside and playing "sessions" where we continue the training with playing fetch or tag of war or chase outside weather permitting.

     WEEK 5: We continue to build on the lessons learned above (the clicker, look at me, leave it, outside skills....) but also continue to build on these skills by introducing the leash and a harness having our little ones adapted to walking on a leash and come here or with me. 

     WEEK 6-8 
We will continue building on the skills above and when we feel each individual puppy is ready we will add on teaching them to sit lay down and possibly stay. 


Our ultimate goal is to send into the world healthy happy beginner trained puppies with the skills they need to succeed in life. Where we will start their training, it will ultimately be up to you, their new parent, to  establish a bond, continue their training, and really ground in the seeds of training Aaron and I have started with these precious fur babies. Where we will teach them to the best of ours and their ability, what we will teach them will only go as far as you are willing to reenforce what we teach them once you get them home, I hope what I am saying makes sense as I am again writing a book lol. All in all, we provide the name of the book for you to use to build on and continue their training. You can also go to PetSmart and look into Puppy Classes (this is highly recommended for social skills for puppies ages 7-14 weeks) or beginner, intermediated and advance classes. They also offer an AKC Good Citizen certificate for dogs who complete the training that can ultimately "walk around" a park off leash because they are that well trained of a friend/dog. Anywho..... if you have any more questions don't hesitate to reach out!


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